For WRG?- Now Every Idiot Can Easily Make A DJ Mix… Even You!

This was written for What’s Really Good?

What is the Pacemaker? I would call it the love child of two turntables and an iPod. It has two independent audio channels that let you play two tracks simultaneously and beatmatch them together. There are a bunch of audio effects and crossfader built right in as well. Simply, it is portable DJing. I had the privilege to see the Pacemaker demoed live at the Winter Music Conference down in Miami in 2008. I’m not a DJ (just a lover of them) but since then, I have really had the desire to own.

Sadly, I do not have $499 or the $649 to purchase but I did discover a free computer program they have the let me unleash my inner DJ (be afraid, be very afraid). It’s called the Pacemaker Editor. With the Pacemaker Editor you can easily and quickly make your own mixes. It’s super easy to upload your music into the program and move your music around in the order you want to create your mix. If I can do it, I think almost anyone can. Now every person out there can download this and make “awesome” mixes. My apologies for informing more about this program and contributing to more bad mixes getting released to the public.

Download the Pacemaker Editor for free here!

Screenshot of my “mix”-

Want to hear my mix? You can download it right HERE!

Please don’t judge too harshly, this is the first mix I have ever made and I have no idea what I’m doing. I can promise you one thing though, my music selection is on point!


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