For WRG?- The Amplifetes… Innovative Music Videos Done Right

This was written for What’s Really Good?

About a year ago, four guys from Sweden who were all accomplished songwriters and producers in their own right came together to make the band The Amplifetes Their debut single “It’s My Life” was recently featured in Italian fashion designer Roberto Cavalli’s promo campaign. I’m really digging their songs but it’s their music videos that do it for me. They’re innovative and really artfully original. Check them out and you’ll see what I mean. And if you’re reading this lead singer, I love your beard.

“Our influences start somewhere around the 60s Psychadelia of Roy Wood and Velvet Underground, spiral through the 70s brilliance of The Electric Light Orchestra and The Ramones, via early Elvis Costello – New Wave and the different shapes of David Bowie straight into Chicago House, with a little Paul Hardcastle on top. The keywords here are intelligence, heart and guts.” –The Amplifetes

The Amplifetes – Whizz Kid from THE AMPLIFETES on Vimeo.

The Amplifetes – It´s my life from THE AMPLIFETES on Vimeo.


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