For WRG? – A-Morir by Kerin.Rose Shades

Founded in 2008, A-Morir by Kerin.Rose sunglasses have been the “it” shades to cover the peepers of the hottest fashionista celebs. Named after a slew of pop culture icons and keywords, each pair she designs are extremely unique whether they be adorned with studs, spikes, crystals, lace or chains.

Though we think all of her shades are awesome, our favorites are the almost unwearable W.O.W. which were named after punk pioneer Wendy O Williams which feature giant spikes across the front, the more wearable but just as badass black and studded SABATOGE which debuted in September’s Vogue Italia and the super fresh LOVE / HATE CONVERTIBLE CHAIN SUNGLASSES.

We’re not actually sure if you can see out of some of these shades but whatever, they’re awesome.

The prices on these rocker shades are between $160 to $600 USD and available online here.


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