For WRG? – Outlier x Wurst Editions x Emily’s Pork Store

Normally, sausage is put into a pair of mens’ shorts when he puts them on, not when he purchases them. One-off limited edition clothing company The Wurst Editions approached “Tailored Performance” company Outlier to do just that. With each pair of The Wurst Outlier Shorts, you get a delicious spicy sopressata from Emily’s Pork Store in Brooklyn, NY.

Each pair of shorts is made with Outlier’s abrasion, water and stain resistant 4Season fabric. So if you’re a slob and spill that spicy sopresseta on yourself while shoving it in your mouth, don’t worry, your shorts will look just as fresh as when you shoved your own sausage in them that morning.

There is only a limited 45 pairs of these shorts available in Slate Blue. The “sausage pack” runs for $139.99USD which includes the shorts and sandwich. But if you’re not into packing sausage or live outside of the US, there is a vegan version too for $129.99 USD. Buy/eat The Wurst Outlier Shorts online here.


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