Kate Middleton & Audrey Hepburn Inspired Make-up for Sim Minerals

When I was six years old, I asked my mom with a straight face, “how do I become a princess?”. Her reply, “marry royality”.

In all the hype of the Royal Wedding, I received an out of the blue Facebook message from Lisa Sim of Sim Minerals. Stating that she thought I looked like Kate, she asked if I would take part in a make-up tutorial that would make me look like the soon to be duchess.

With this being the closest I could get to becoming a princess, the answer was pretty obvious.

Click here to view pop-out of watchmojo.com’s video

While I was at the shoot for Kate Middleton’s engagement look, the crew looked at me and said “could we make you into Audrey Hepburn’s ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ look too?”

Hepburn as Holly Golighty was one of the famed stars most legendary roles.  The answer again was pretty obvious.

Click here to watch pop-out of watchmojo.com’s video

**Sadly, these video’s do not embed on WordPress


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