Kate Middleton & Audrey Hepburn Inspired Make-up for Sim Minerals

When I was six years old, I asked my mom with a straight face, “how do I become a princess?”. Her reply, “marry royality”.

In all the hype of the Royal Wedding, I received an out of the blue Facebook message from Lisa Sim of Sim Minerals. Stating that she thought I looked like Kate, she asked if I would take part in a make-up tutorial that would make me look like the soon to be duchess.

With this being the closest I could get to becoming a princess, the answer was pretty obvious.

Click here to view pop-out of watchmojo.com’s video

While I was at the shoot for Kate Middleton’s engagement look, the crew looked at me and said “could we make you into Audrey Hepburn’s ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ look too?”

Hepburn as Holly Golighty was one of the famed stars most legendary roles.  The answer again was pretty obvious.

Click here to watch pop-out of watchmojo.com’s video

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For WRG? – Interview with DCUP

WRG? got the opportunity to chat and party with Sydney based DCUP (aka Duncan MacLennan) while he was sweeping through Montreal during one of his Canadian tours.

All of us in the office are fans of his disco house production and can’t help but shake it whenever we heard his and Yolanda Be Cool’s ‘We No Speak Americano’ whenever it was dropped at a party.

It seemed fitting to send out one of our Americans (me… Sarah Karp Ward) to ask him not only nonsense stereotypical Aussie questions but also about his song which in our opinion (and the world’s opinion by how it killed the charts) the top party song of Summer 2010.

Also check out a past post with some of his other tunes and remixes here!

For WRG? – A-Morir by Kerin.Rose Shades

Founded in 2008, A-Morir by Kerin.Rose sunglasses have been the “it” shades to cover the peepers of the hottest fashionista celebs. Named after a slew of pop culture icons and keywords, each pair she designs are extremely unique whether they be adorned with studs, spikes, crystals, lace or chains.

Though we think all of her shades are awesome, our favorites are the almost unwearable W.O.W. which were named after punk pioneer Wendy O Williams which feature giant spikes across the front, the more wearable but just as badass black and studded SABATOGE which debuted in September’s Vogue Italia and the super fresh LOVE / HATE CONVERTIBLE CHAIN SUNGLASSES.

We’re not actually sure if you can see out of some of these shades but whatever, they’re awesome.

The prices on these rocker shades are between $160 to $600 USD and available online here.

For WRG? – Outlier x Wurst Editions x Emily’s Pork Store

Normally, sausage is put into a pair of mens’ shorts when he puts them on, not when he purchases them. One-off limited edition clothing company The Wurst Editions approached “Tailored Performance” company Outlier to do just that. With each pair of The Wurst Outlier Shorts, you get a delicious spicy sopressata from Emily’s Pork Store in Brooklyn, NY.

Each pair of shorts is made with Outlier’s abrasion, water and stain resistant 4Season fabric. So if you’re a slob and spill that spicy sopresseta on yourself while shoving it in your mouth, don’t worry, your shorts will look just as fresh as when you shoved your own sausage in them that morning.

There is only a limited 45 pairs of these shorts available in Slate Blue. The “sausage pack” runs for $139.99USD which includes the shorts and sandwich. But if you’re not into packing sausage or live outside of the US, there is a vegan version too for $129.99 USD. Buy/eat The Wurst Outlier Shorts online here.

For WANARB – WRG? x ORISUE x Lunice

I’ve been sadly absent with posting on WANARB since my move from New York City to Montreal, Canada.  I’ve been busy eating poutine (if you don’t know what that is, look it up), changing the way I spell from “American English” to the “Queen’s English” (goodbye favorite hello favourite!) and doing a lot of work with a website up here called What’s Really Good? like making this awesome music video lookbook (sexy bra shot from the vid above!)

The video lookbook is for California based clothing company ORISUE and features some of the Canadian DJ’s they sponsor and the original music production of Montreal’s own Lunice.  The storyline is about a DJ groupie girl and her night out as she “romances” these DJ’s (maybe loosely based on my life… kidding…. or not kidding…..)

For WRG?- The Amplifetes… Innovative Music Videos Done Right

This was written for What’s Really Good?

About a year ago, four guys from Sweden who were all accomplished songwriters and producers in their own right came together to make the band The Amplifetes Their debut single “It’s My Life” was recently featured in Italian fashion designer Roberto Cavalli’s promo campaign. I’m really digging their songs but it’s their music videos that do it for me. They’re innovative and really artfully original. Check them out and you’ll see what I mean. And if you’re reading this lead singer, I love your beard.

“Our influences start somewhere around the 60s Psychadelia of Roy Wood and Velvet Underground, spiral through the 70s brilliance of The Electric Light Orchestra and The Ramones, via early Elvis Costello – New Wave and the different shapes of David Bowie straight into Chicago House, with a little Paul Hardcastle on top. The keywords here are intelligence, heart and guts.” –The Amplifetes

The Amplifetes – Whizz Kid from THE AMPLIFETES on Vimeo.

The Amplifetes – It´s my life from THE AMPLIFETES on Vimeo.